In 2013, considering the possibility of expanding business in a better location, VIP WALK-IN CLINIC was established in Lake Buena Vista, providing services in English, Spanish and Portuguese, with a high- quality medical staff, an innovative proposal, and agility in service for an affordable price, but still focusing mainly on international patients and on a fast-pace growth in the local community.

In 2017, VIP WALK-IN CLINIC moved to a 5000m² building, expanding its service capacity with an adequate infrastructure.

In 2018, the VIP Group concept acquired a new view, emerging from the experience over the years between VIP Health Assistance and VIP Walk-In Clinic, with a highly qualified team of more than 20 employees, responsible for the medical care of more than 16,000 patients per year. Both companies continue to work with the same quality in the health area in order to provide the best care and help our patients in monitoring their health and being by their side, unconditionally, to support them in the most sensitive scenarios.

In addition, in 2018, VIP Walk-In Clinic launched the Advantage Membership Plan, an exclusive monthly health insurance plan, with preventive packages for general exams, urgent and routine appointments, at an affordable and very attractive price offered to the Orlando community.


Our mission is to provide healthcare service effectively and efficiently, improving the health of all Central Florida and surrounding areas.


To provide an unparalleled patient-centered healthcare experience and inspire a healthy lifestyle to all our patients.



We treat each individual with compassion and honesty. We respect the background, story, relationship, and culture of each patient.

Our team is dedicated to innovation, constant improvement, and continuous learning.