About Us

Vivían J. Woodard, MD

Dr. Vivian was born in Winter Garden where she lived and attended school until the age of 16. She finished her High School education in 1973 as the Valedictorian of Lakeview High School. She attended Harvard College and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Cum Laude in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She was accepted into Harvard Medical School at the age of 20, but chose to defer medical school entrance for a year to live in Africa as a recipient of a Michael Rockefeller Traveling Fellowship. She returned to the US and graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1982. From there, she moved to Los Angeles to complete her residency and internship at UCLA Center for Health Services. She returned to Central Florida in 1988, where she has since dedicated her life to serving the community.

Our Mission

Our medical team is highly trained to meet the health needs of our patients. Whatever their age or condition, we do so effectively and with excellence. Our patient’s physical and mental well-being is the most important to us here at VIP Walk-in Clinic as we believe the patient always comes first.
We believe in respecting everyone in our diverse community and being compassionate towards others and their needs. At VIP Walk-in Clinic our efforts are aimed at providing quality health care and a personalized experience at a low cost.

Our Vision

Growth in the short and long term to provide the community with a wide network of services, where we aim to provide comprehensive medical care such as preventive medicine and education to involve our patient’s in every area of their health. Our goal is to serve the community with excellence to ensure that you may have a good quality of life.

  • Promoting Health
  • Humanization
  • Valuing life
  • Medical Ethics